Rotary Power Harrow

What is a Rotary Power Harrow?

Rotary Power Harrows, also known as vertical milling cutters, are powerful soil tillage and seedbed preparation equipment driven by the tractor PTO. It prevents the sudden loads from the tractor from damaging the gearbox when the PTO shaft is activated with the ax type clutch system.

What Does a Rotary Power Harrow Do?

This machine, which can cultivate the soil in the field, prepare the seed bed and stubble, can cultivate the soil vertically with its strong and robust structure, and can cultivate the soil up to 28 cm depth. Working at a right angle allows the soil to pass rain and snow water more easily. Thanks to its adjustable depth feature, it enables the soil to be processed at the desired depth. It prevents the formation of a base under the soil and ensures that the soil moisture is maintained as it does not overturn the soil.

Which Is The Best Rotary Power Harrow?

The answer to the question “Which is the best Rotary Power Harrow” varies according to the machine dimensions. Vertical milling cutters in different sizes in our product range can be preferred in accordance with the width of the land. Products that can be used on large lands and have a large working area provide great savings in time and fuel.

How Much Are Rotary Power Harrow Prices?

Rotary Power Harrow, which are in large sizes and can be used for many years with their robust and strong structure, are in the middle price segment. You can contact us by filling out the contact form to get information about vertical rotor prices.

How to Maintain Rotary Power Harrow?

  • The oil level of the gear box and crankcase oil should be checked by removing the bolts, top up if it is missing.
  • Change the gearbox and crankcase oil after every 200 hours of operation.
  • Use SAE 140 EP oil for gearbox and crankcase oil.
  • Grease the rotor right bearing and roller bearings.
  • Grease both joints of the shaft until grease comes out of all the packings. Repeat this process after every 4 hours of operation.
  • In case of overload, check the bolts connecting the gearbox to the input shaft, tighten if any loosened.
  • Check all connecting bolts at the end of the work, tighten if loose.
  • For problems you cannot solve, call the service.
  • After cleaning the machine at the end of the work, keep it indoors. Cover it if it cannot be stored in a confined space.
  • When parking the machine, use the parking mechanism.
  • What are the Rotary Power Harrow Types?
  • Rotary Power Harrow vary in size. There are 7 Rotary Power Harrow in our product range, and 4 different sizes according to their dimensions.

How Does the Rotary Power Harrow Work?

The Rotary Power Harrow works with the power taken by the power take-off (PTO) of the tractor. It is operated by slowly lowering down according to the soil structure after the tractor PTO (PTO) works at the appropriate speed (540 rpm or 1000 rpm) and according to the ratio of the gear system, after the rotavator shaft gets its speed well. With the optional hydraulic attachment, it is possible to connect other equipment to the PTO behind the machine gearbox. By doing more than one job at once, time and fuel savings are achieved, and field traffic is reduced.

How is the Working Principle of Rotary Power Harrow?

In Rotary Power Harrow, the blades are positioned perpendicular to the ground, movement is given to each blade group by a separate gear. Soil in vertical mills; first impact, push, and after drilling, it is mixed only with the impact effect.

If you are interested in our Rotary Power Harrow product or want to get more detailed information about the product, you can contact us on our YTAgri contact page.