Inter Row Spring Cultivator

What is Inter Row Spring Cultivator?

It is a modern agricultural machine that rakes for the relief of the plant soil after planting and shows high performance in the fight against weeds.

What is the Use of the Inter Row Spring Cultivator?

It is an environmentally friendly tool that mechanically fights weeds existing between the rows of corn, beet, sunflower, cotton, potato, tobacco and various vegetables planted in the row, without harming the plants. It increases the air ratio in the soil with the soil relief process; It maximizes plant root development by minimizing evaporation and water loss. It ensures that plants get enough nutrients and water from the soil.

How Much Are The Inter Row Spring Cultivator Prices?

The prices of Inter Row Spring Cultivator, which can save between 70-80% of labor, encourage early development of the crop and provide more efficiency, vary according to the number of rows. You can contact us by filling out the contact form to get information about the intermediate rake machine prices.

What are the Types of Inter Row Spring Cultivator?

There are two types of raking tools as rear rake and front rake. Back anchor models; It is ideal for use on dense, compacted soil and lawns. Thanks to the rake device, it is possible for them to break up the soil effectively. Front gear raking machines; It is suitable for use for small landscaping projects such as preparing flower beds or small gardens. These tools, which can reach a working width of 100 cm, are preferred in tight and narrow garden areas due to their high maneuverability.

What Should Be Considered While Buying An Inter Row Spring Cultivator?

It should be known that the milling rake will work under difficult terrain conditions and the machine to be preferred should be of quality and durability that will not let it down. Choosing the “cheapest Inter Row Spring Cultivator ” may put you in a difficult situation in the field due to the size of the land (7 decares and above) and the fact that the lands of our country are generally difficult to cultivate. Your choice with a stronger and higher quality structure will be your companion for many years in the most difficult terrain conditions.

How to Use Inter Row Spring Cultivator?

The connection phase to the tractor starts with the 3-point hitch system. After the assembly is provided, front-back and right and left parallelism adjustments are made. The tension distances on the right and left sides should also be equal. Connect the crown arm and make sure it is securely locked. At the stage of bringing the units of the Inter Row Spring Cultivator, which is placed on the tractor, to the work position; slightly lift the lock hanger lever and lower it to the ground. Make sure the suspension arm is locked after it is in the proper position.

Mark the new unit positions on the tool when setting the row spacing. For easy sliding of the units, lubricate the chassis, loosen the nuts of the units and place them on the positions you marked. Complete the process by tightening the fixing nuts again after the placement is achieved.

For the width adjustment, loosen the fixing nuts of the units on the right and left and slide the feet to the desired position. Finish by tightening the fixing bolts and control nuts after they are placed in the desired position. After the placement is achieved, the star disc is positioned downwards and the pressure is adjusted. After the adjustment is made, the star disk is lifted upwards again and placed in its place when it is out of use.

To adjust the tillage depth, turn the depth adjustment lever clockwise, while the depth scale is determined by the rising wheel. After it is brought to the appropriate position, attach the fixing latch and complete the process by adjusting the guide tensioner.

For equipment height adjustment, place a wedge at the appropriate height under the roller to be adjusted. After the equipment is carefully lowered to the ground, the level pin will come loose, unscrew the level pin and insert it into the appropriate hole, so the roller will return to its new position.

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