Square Balers

What is Baler Machine?

Balers are agricultural machines that collect and compress many materials such as green fodder, stubble, various animal feeds and grain straws in a certain way, tie them with rope or wire, and provide ease of transport and storage.

How Does the Baler Machine Work?

The baler machines takes its movement from the PTO of the tractor. The material collected by the pickup, the height of which can be adjusted hydraulically and mechanically, is transferred to the bale channel by changing the direction by means of the conveyor and feeder fingers. During the “forward movement” of the piston in the bale chamber, the material collected by the pickup is transmitted to the piston channel via the guiding helix and transferred to the bale channel by the feeder. With the back and forth movement of the piston in the bale channel, the collected material is compressed in the bale channel. In the clamping state, the feeders are retracted, the needle is positioned in the lower part. Piston, feeders and needle work in harmony with each other. There is a blade in the piston mouth and a counter blade in the bale chamber handle inlet. The prepared bales are tied with rope or wire, can be placed on the trailer by the launcher or carrier, or left in the field.

How Much Are Baler Machine Prices?

Balers offer long-lasting use with their large dimensions, strong and durable structure. It is in the middle price segment with its great convenience in storage and transportation. You can contact us by filling out the contact form to get information about baler prices.

How to Adjust Baler Machine Settings?

There are three types of settings for the baler.

Pickup height adjustment: Height adjustment should be made according to the condition of the land, the condition of the stone, soil and clods and the type of material to be baled. Height adjustment is made by means of adjustment bolts on both sides of the turntable in mechanical types. In hydraulic types, height adjustment is made by the driver via the hydraulic control lever.

Bale length adjustment: This adjustment, which expresses the length and shortness of the material to be baled, is made with the stopper on the operating lever located on the bale channel. The bale size increases when the stopper arm is adjusted upwards.

Bale firmness adjustment: Bale firmness is directly related to the moisture content of the material to be baled. The firmness should be reduced as the moisture content of the material increases, in order to avoid reddening and mold formation. Tightness is adjusted from the adjusting arms on the bale channel, both arms should be tightened or loosened at the same rate.

What Does a Baler Machine Do?

The baler machine ensures that the material (grass, straw, straw, green fodder) in the field to be baled is collected and compressed and packed. The density of the bales varies according to the harvested product. Large rectangular bales are produced; The bale length is between 1-2.5 m and the height is 0.7 m. Provides great convenience in storage and transportation

How to Maintain Baler Machine?

  • At the end of the work, clean the baler machine with compressed air.
  • Press the grease nipples shown in the maintenance and operation manual in an amount that will overflow with the grease pump every day. Before starting work, clean the grease nipples around the grease so that they do not collect dust.
  • The oil of the gear box should be checked every day, if it is missing, top up with the oil specified in the maintenance and operating manual.
  • Change the oil of the gearbox once a year with the oil specified in the maintenance and operating manual.
  • Check belts and chains, remove them at the end of the working season and store them properly.
  • Keep it by lubricating so that the belts do not make sharp corners and the chains do not rust.
  • Protect working surfaces against corrosion and rust at the end of the working season by applying grease.
  • Check the blade on the piston and the counter blade, replace if necessary.
  • The piston clearance should be checked, replace the worn parts and adjust the piston according to the user manual.
  • Needles should be checked, replace worn, bent and broken needles.
  • Store on wooden wedges in an enclosed area at the end of the working season.

How to Use the Baler?

The baler, which is connected to the tractor’s drawbar system, must operate in accordance with the tractor’s speed. The baler machine, which is easy to use, collects the bale materials on the row. The speed of the tractor should be reduced in the sections where the straw is dense. The use of high-rise tractor makes it easy to see the bale falling from the baler.

What are Baler Machine Failures?

  • Formation of folds during knotting, thus breaking the rope by getting caught in the beak tongue.
  • The tying pattern is not knotted.
  • Knot ends are not of equal length.
  • Nodes stuck in the beak.

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