Disc Tiller

What is Disk Tiller?

Disk Tiller is an agricultural machine that is used to regenerate the biological balance of the soil, which mixes the plant residues well without overturning the soil and makes it useful to the plant more quickly. Compared to classical disc harrows, it breaks down the soil more effectively and prevents moisture from escaping. Thanks to the discs working independently of each other, it does not disturb the field leveling.

What Does Disk Tiller Do?

After tillage, it is used to crumble the clods, to mix the fertilizer with the soil, to prepare the seed bed, to cut the plant residues and weeds. Thanks to the disc system positioned independently of each other, in addition to cutting (tearing) the soil, it provides high efficiency soil thinning by applying vibration effect to the soil surface during operation. While thinning the soil with the existing roller combination in the machine, it also minimizes the moisture loss that may occur with the help of the roller and ensures an effective density in the soil.

How Much Are Disk Tiller Prices?

Disk Tiller, which provides long-lasting use with its strong and robust structures, is in the middle-upper price segment. Prices vary according to the working width and size of the machine. To get information about Disk Tiller prices, you can contact us by filling out the contact form.

What are Disk Tiller Features?

  • After tillage; It crumbles the clods, mixes the fertilizer with the soil, prepares the seed bed, accelerates the biological balance of the soil by breaking down plant residues and weeds.
  • It has a high operating speed of 10-15 km/h with low power requirement.
  • Thanks to the discs positioned independently of each other, it does not disturb the field leveling.
  • With the positioning of the discs and their independent operation, it provides an effective surface workmanship without being affected by the terrain roughness and surface irregularities.
  • Thanks to the roller combination, it minimizes the moisture loss in the soil and ensures density in the soil.

What are Disk Tiller Types?

Disk Tiller types differ according to the way of attachment to the tractor and the number of batteries arranged for the driving position.

Types of Disk Tiller according to the way of connection:

  • Suspended
  • Towed

Varieties of Disk Tiller by transport position:

  • Off axis (offset)
  • Double acting(tandem)

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Disk Tiller?

When buying Disk Tiller, the mechanical properties that are effective in tillage; The direction angle of the disc should be selected according to the operating speed, disc sharpness and disc diameter factors. It is also important to choose the type of product suitable for the working width of the machine, the soil structure and the operations you will perform according to the size of your land. Another important thing to consider when making this combination is the drawbar capacity of the tractor.

If you are interested in our Disk Tiller product or want to get more detailed information about the product, you can contact us on our YTAgri contact page.