Pneumatic Seed Drill

What is Seed Drill?

The machines used in sowing seeds are called “seeding machines” or “Seed Drill”. It consists of the wheel and the part where the seeds are placed and is pulled by a tractor or another tractor.

What Does Seed Drill Do?

It ensures that the seeds are buried at the specified depth by maintaining the desired inter-row and on-row distance. When planting in rows; The seeds come out of the soil at the expected time, germination at the right depth and spacing is possible, providing the most suitable habitat for the crops. By planting the seeds at the same depth, reaching maturity and harvesting time are simultaneous.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Seed Drill?

Matters to be considered when purchasing Seed Drills;

  • It should not damage the seed.
  • It should be able to be adjusted according to the sowing norm.
  • Sowing depth and row spacing should be adjustable.
  • Seeds should be planted in equal numbers and at the same speed from each foot.
  • It should be able to plant seeds of various sizes.

How Much Are the Seed Drill Prices?

Seeders with high maneuverability and contribution in the planting process, which directly affects the yield, are in the middle price segment. You can contact us by filling out the contact form to get information about Seed Drill prices.

How to Adjust Seed Drill?

The Seed Drill must be connected to the tractor before it starts sowing. When using a towed type machine, the drawbar must be connected to the tractor drawbar. In the use of suspended type machine, connection should be provided by using three-point suspension system (hydraulic). Before starting the sowing process, the burial feet should be adjusted parallel to the ground. Right-left parallelism and front-back parallelism adjustments should be made.

In order for the distances between rows to be equal, adjustments must be made on the clamps connecting the burying feet to the beam. Afterwards, it is passed to the in-row setting, this setting is very important in single grain seed drills.

After this adjustment, depth adjustment can be made by changing the spring pressure in the buried feet. The higher the spring pressure, the deeper the planting, the lower the surface sowing. In addition, sowing norm adjustment should be made. Since it may differ according to each seeder, it should be done by referring to the user manual. Finally, the marker must be adjusted. The markers mounted on both sides of the seeder must be brought to the appropriate position so that the tractor can guide the way in and out.

How Does the Seed Drill Work?

Seeds are placed in the seed box at the top of the machine. The equipment called “planter organiser” under the seed box ensures that the set amount of seed is transferred to the pipes. This transmission occurs as a result of the movement taken from the wheel of the seed drill by the chain gear system and the drive of the cultivator. The pipes transmit the seeds to the burial feet. Seed setters that are in line with the tractor wheels are also called “burier”. The desired rows are created in the soil by the pieces and the planting process is done.

What are the Types of Seed Drills?

Seed Drills are diversified as pneumatic (precision), universal and combined according to planting technique and working order.

Pneumatic seed drills; They are precision sowing machines that are connected to the tractor with the three-point system and can deposit the seed and fertilizer into the soil at the desired amount, depth and distance above the row. They show superior performance in sowing seeds of intermediate rake plants that require wide row spacing such as corn, soybean, sunflower, melon and cotton.

Universal seed drills; In accordance with the variety of seeds such as cereals and pulses seeds (wheat, barley, etc.), large seeds (pumpkin, corn, etc.), medium-sized seeds (canola, sesame, etc.) and small seeds (carrot, clover, etc.) It is an easy-to-use hanging type sowing machine that can leave seeds in the seed beds.

Combined seed drills; It leaves the grains, legumes, forage seeds and fertilizer to the seed bed opened by the discs by means of helical corrugated rollers at the desired amount and depth. It is among the easy towed type seeders.

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